For an optimal comfort stay

The “Villa d’Elsa Residence” offers:


  • Comfortably equipped accommodations with a fully equipped kitchen

  • From classic studios (2 people) to superior duplex apartments (6 people)

  • Personalized layout design and decoration and top of the line equipment

  • Small terrace on the interior courtyard for certain room, or balcony over the pedestrian zone for others

  • Apartments with amenities, with toiletries and sheets upon arrival

  • Accommodations that may welcome couples and families for stays ranging from 2 to 21 nights according to individual needs




  • Number of person: 2
  • From: 83 €
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  • Number of people: 2
  • From: 93 €
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Family Superior

  • number of people: 2
  • From: 110 €
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  • Number of people: 4
  • From: 120 €
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Superior duplex

  • Number of people: 6
  • From: 135 €
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